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Dogs were meant to live in packs, not alone. Join the pack! Woof!


The Swift Paws Crew: Katherine Li, Andrei & Alex Villasana

About Us

We are a multicultural team with a diverse set of skills hoping to provide an excellent service to you and your pet.

Dog daycare should be more than just a place to leave your dog when you can't be with them. At Swift Paws, we pick up your pup, treat your pup to fun days filled with exercise, socialization and burning off pent-up energy. You won't feel guilty about lacking the time or energy to play with your dog because at the end of every day, we will send a perfectly happy pup to your home.

How We Work

Cute Papillon Dog

Session Pick-up

Schedule a play-time session (morning/afternoon) to pick up your pet, transport is on us!

Dog's Portrait

Doggy Pack Play-Time

Time for the pack to hit the road - destination, the dog park. Your pet will be free to play and socialize with others, water and treats included!



Tails are waging, smiles are shining, play-time has ended! We ride back to your home, a happy dog to be once again reunited with you

Service Information

Brown Dogs

Pick up:     8am - 9am

Play time: 9am - 11am

Drop off:   11am - 12am

Morning Day Care Session

Sleeping Dogs

1. Doggy Hotel (7pm - 9am)

2. Doggy Hotel + Day Care (7pm - 6pm)

Pickup time and drop-off time can be flexible, please call for the detail!


Image by ipet photo

Pick up:    1pm - 2pm

Play time: 2pm - 4pm

Drop off:   4pm - 5pm

Afternoon Day Care Session


Day Care:​

Play time for session: $40

Paw Access: $295 (2 days a week per month)

Pack Access: $420 (3 days a week per month)


Doggy Hotel: $40/night

Doggy Hotel + Day Care: $50/day+night

Price Chart


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